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About the department

Teaching of the material engineering field at UCT Prague follows up the broad chemical background, that is further supported by the fundamental theoretical knowledge of the material science (solid state physics and chemistry, thermodynamics of materials) and material science (phase chemical equilibria, transport phenomena). Students will come across wide range of materials, their structure, properties, methods of characterization and fundamental preparation and processing processes. Metal, inorganic non-metal, organic polymer and composite materials as well as biomaterials are studied which are used for their mechanical (construction application, mechanical engineering), electrical, optical or magnetic properties (application in micro- and optoelectronics).

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Students focusing on Materials for electronics during their study programme will continue their master thesis at the Department of solid state engineering. Topics cover wide range of materials research such as Hi-Tec materials. It concerns e.g. Preparation and characterization of materials for integrated circuits and magnetic recording, application of laser technologies in material engineering, polymer for electronics research, development of novel materials for electrotechnics and medicine, new materials for chemical and biological sensors or study of materials microstructure and its fractal analysis. A graduate will obtain broad and deep knowledge of state-of-art research, preparation and development of both new and traditional materials, which is important for working both in industry as well as R&D and PGS of material oriented fields of study on czech and foreign universities.

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