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prof. Ing. Václav Švorčík, DrSc.

  • Biocompatibility of polymers
  • Electric a dielectric properties of polymer films

prof. Ing. Jindřich Leitner, DrSc.

  • Thermodynamic properties of mixed oxides and oxid systems equilibria
  • Nitrids of III. subgroup elements for application in electronics and optoelectronics

doc. Ing. Petr Macháč, CSc.

  • Properties modification of thin metal films on semiconductors with focus on ohmic contacts
  • Preparation of simple electronic and microelectronic structures
  • Preparation of graphene layers on SiC 

doc. Ing. Vladimír Myslík, CSc.

  • Oxid and metal acetylacetonates thin films preparation technology  with pulsed laser depozition
  • Electrophysical properties of chemical sensors

Ing. Josef Náhlík, CSc.

  • Morphological quality of Norway spruce (Picea Abies) stomatal wax as bioindicator of environmental conditions using SEM
  • Semiconducting properties of corrosion layer coatings of nuclear fuel materials.
  • Electrophysical parameters of materials (focus on semiconductors)
  • Morphology of polymer surface during biodegradation.

doc. Ing. Jakub Siegel, Ph.D.

  • Study of metal nanostructures physical and chemical properties

doc. Ing. Petr Slepička, PhD.

  • Nanostructuring of solid state substrates using plasma and excimer laser, interaction with metal nanostructures, AFM

Mgr. Oleksiy Lyutakov, PhD.

  • Research focused on technological preparation of both passive and active elements  and structures of integrated optics (semiconductor lasers, optical waveguides, optical sensors)
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